Audi ABT RS6-R: The Perfect Synergy of A Sports Car and Station Wagon

Audi Abt Rs6 R 2

Since 2002, the Audi RS6 Avant has been the highest performance variant in the Audi model range. Now, the Avant RS6 is only presented in the lineup for the station wagon. Yes, the standard Audi RS6 Avant is an eccentric vehicle.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 10

It is a family car but it has a 600 hp supercar power performance combined with 8-speed Tiptronic transmission, a full-time Quattro all-wheel-drive drive system, practicality, and usability typical of a family car capable of carrying large crowds, plus pets in the rear trunk.

As if they are dissatisfied with its performance, the ABT Sportsline that is Audi’s long time partner for performance improvement modifies the Audi RS6 Avant according to ABT’s taste and character which is simply beasty!

Audi Abt Rs6 R 2

ABT is concocting a 4.0000cc twin-turbo TFSI V8 engine owned by RS6 Avant which produces more awesome power; 740 hp with a maximum torque of 920 Nm which is higher than the default torque, 800 Nm.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 9

Remarkably, despite being able to achieve an acceleration of 100 kph in 3.2 seconds from the stop position, the station wagon is still equipped with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty or 160,000 km.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 5

Increased output of the standard RS6 engine which is 600 hp to 740 hp which characterizes the RS6-R specifications, generated through the latest ABT engine control unit, new exhaust system, and engine management. ABT claims that the series of modifications can increase the maximum speed of RS6 from 280 kph to 320 kph.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 3

Audi ABT RS6-R makes full use of the all-wheel steering system which is available as optional on the RS6. The tech means combining dynamic steering on the front axle with rear wheels that can move along with the steering wheel. At low speeds, the rear wheel rotates five degrees in the opposite direction to the front wheel.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 8

The condition cuts the turning cycle of the vehicle up to one meter. The result is making the Avant RS6 more agile in maneuvering in heavy city traffic. While at medium and high speeds, the rear wheels spin two degrees in the same direction, increasing stability, especially when changing directions quickly.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 4

In its standard conditions, the Audi RS6 is highly praised by the automotive media because of its exceptional handling. However, with its experience, ABT is developing the steering and suspension system further.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 6

The process included optimizing the legs in the form of special Coilover suspension applications, sports anti-roll bars, and 22-inch ABT Hi-Performance HR Wheels wheels.

The drastic increase in engine power is, of course, followed by the application of the ABT body kit which strengthens the downforce and aerodynamic flow of the vehicle at high speed which results in perfect stability.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 7

Visually, the Audi ABT RS6-R is different from the RS6 model, due to the application of a complete carbon fiber body kit on its exterior. That includes ABT front-lip, front grille frame add-on, rear skirt add-on, side skirts, and the addition of over fenders.

Audi Abt Rs6 R 1

According to ABT Sportsline, an increase in power of up to 750 HP can be done by adding $ 76,000 on the top of the price of the standard Audi RS6 which is valued at $ 120,000. As a form of exclusivity, ABT only made 125 units of Audi ABT RS6-R for the entire world market.

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