AUDI Iron: A Hand Iron with Beauty Beneath Simplicity

AUDI Iron 7

AUDI Iron is a product design by Jaehyuk Lim in Korea. It is a 2016 design of a simple hand iron with the beauty beneath simplicity. This hand iron comes with a modern lifestyle concept in a simple product. The well matching design of AUDI Iron is perfect for your furniture and interiors. The name of this hand iron comes from the well-known image of the brand.



AUDI Iron 4

Everything that everyone needs for a hand iron is its simplicity. With the simplicity, all things become so easy and faster to do. AUDI Iron offers this kind of simplicity in a modern and stylish design that will be liked by those who use it.



AUDI Iron 9

Look at those regular irons. It comes with the same design and it feels like you don’t have another option to choose for your house. The dynamic shape is too much and there are also many unnecessary functions on those irons for you.



AUDI Iron 2

Here is the first sketch of AUDI Iron. It shows the detail design of this stylish and modern iron. The shape is simple with a perfect grip for your hand. It is designed with the temperature LED and also a water input hole too at the back side.



AUDI Iron 6

AUDI Iron 5

AUDI Iron is designed with a modern and beautiful style. It looks very different from the regular iron that you often have in your house. Besides the beauty, the whole design of this iron is also made for your hand which is comfortable to be used.



AUDI Iron 3

AUDI Iron 7

AUDI Iron only has one main color, black. Even it looks ordinary with one color only, the whole forms make this iron looks more attractive than usual. You will not see it again just as an iron with black color but an iron with a beautiful color design.



AUDI Iron 8

AUDI Iron 1

The LED temperature indicator is combined with the powerful steam. This LED lighting is located on the lower part of the iron. It will turn yellow in the preheating phase. The orange color appears when it is at an average temperature. And the red color will tell you that it is dangerous because too hot.

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