AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02

Ayaneo Retro Mini Pc Am02

The AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 stands out as a unique blend of classic gaming console aesthetics and cutting-edge mini PC technology. This device marks a significant milestone in the Mini PC 2.0 era, featuring a retro gaming console appearance combined with numerous flagship features.

Distinctive Features and Design

With its timeless gray design, the AM02 evokes a wave of nostalgia, reminding us of the joyous gaming moments from our childhood. Its front cover is carefully crafted with hidden interfaces, maintaining a clean and sleek appearance. The device is equipped with an innovative “Open” button that reveals the top cover, alongside a practical and exquisite “Crystal” power button. Its compact 0.9L size supports wall mounting, offering a space-saving solution for desktops.

Revolutionary Screen and Software Integration

A standout feature of the AM02 is its 4″ multi-touch screen, controlled by the AYASpace management software. This screen allows users to access various practical functions, including real-time performance data, system volume adjustment, and personalized screensavers. The integration of the screen with AYASpace software enhances the user experience, making gameplay both fun and convenient.

Unmatched Performance for Gaming and Productivity

The AM02 is equipped with a CPU that delivers top-tier single-core and multi-core performance. Paired with the Radeon™ 780M, it rivals high-performance dedicated graphics cards, ensuring smooth gameplay for mainstream online games and AAA titles. It’s also capable of handling heavy office tasks, graphic design, and audio-video editing, significantly boosting productivity.

Advanced Cooling and Speed Capabilities

The device features a new four-copper pipe cooling system, customized for its mini body structure. This system, along with large-area heat dissipation fins and a large-size heat dissipation fan, ensures optimal performance. The AM02 is also fully armed with ultra-fast data transmission capabilities, providing a seamless gaming experience and smoother operation of office and editing software.

Versatile Connectivity and Expansion Options

The AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 offers a full range of interfaces, including USB data transmission, video output, and 2.5G network ports. These features make it a compact yet fully functional workstation, catering to various entertainment and productivity needs.

Flexible System Options and Packaging List

The AM02 is available in two versions: one with pre-installed Windows 11 64-Bit Home Edition and a barebone version without pre-installed memory, hard drive, or operating system. This flexibility allows users to customize the device according to their needs, whether for gaming, programming, or as a mini-game console.

The packaging includes the AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 host, a GaN 100W PD power adapter, USB-C power cable, HDMI connection cable, user manual, screwdrivers, screws, and an AC power adapter (varies by region).


The AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM02 is available for pre-order on Indiegogo, offering an opportunity for enthusiasts to be among the first to experience this innovative fusion of retro gaming and modern mini PC technology.


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