Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

Nintendo Switch – Oled Model 1

Previously, Nintendo introduced the Switch Lite which is a smaller version of the console. Now the Japanese company has released a new version of their console, dubbed Nintendo Switch OLED Model. The new version comes with several upgrades from an OLED screen with thinner bezels and higher quality audio.

Rumors Denied

Rumors circulating previously stated that the new Switch would use a new system based on a chip from Nvidia. However, it seems that Nintendo just updated the type of panels it uses.

Nintendo Switch – Oled Model 6

It is known from Nintendo that in its promotional video, the latest model will be able to display a screen resolution of up to 1080p when connected to a TV. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t include support for 4K resolution like it was hyped before.


The Nintendo Switch OLED model also gets an upgrade in terms of a wider screen that is now 7 inches. The size is larger than the regular Nintendo Switch version which measures 6.2 inches. In addition, the screen resolution is 720p and uses an OLED panel.

Nintendo Switch – Oled Model 4

In addition to the new display, the Switch OLED has a new kickstand that looks more sturdy, 64GB of internal storage (up from 32GB), a new dock with an ethernet port, and better audio quality. There is also a stand that can be tilted to play on the table.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model also responded to complaints about audio quality. The latest version of the console now has an improved audio system using the SoC (System on Chip) from Nvidia Tegra X1. Meanwhile, the GPU is backed by an Nvidia GM20B Maxwell-based.

Nintendo Switch – Oled Model 3

In terms of durability, the Nintendo Switch OLED model can last up to 9 hours, just like the current Switch. Despite its slightly larger dimensions and weight, the new Switch supports the current JoyCon.

Price and Availability

There are two color variants for the Switch OLED – black/white and red/neon. The model will go on sale on October 8 for $349.99.

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