BoxLock: The first smart padlock designed to protect deliveries.

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There are lots of things that trigger the development of technology related to keys and locks. One of them is the development of marketplaces in every developed country which ultimately increases the potential for impulse purchases by users.

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This kinda eases lifestyle also finally became one of the reasons why smart lock technology became one of the new prima donnas for many startups today. Even some key manufacturers and traditional padlocks maker have begun to explore this market. This is then the main inspiration for BoxLock makers, which is not only a simple lock but also has many interesting (plus safety) features.


The Smart Padlock

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BoxLock is essentially a smart padlock specifically designed to protect the shipping package for its owner. This smart lock allows the package to come in accordance with the expected time of arrival of the package.

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With the increase in crime rates in terms of package theft, BoxLock manufacturers prepare an extra careful setup in their approach. By embedding the certification from various user service authorities, BoxLock assures their users of the efficacy of their products that also look attractive in any setup with a very smooth color.



Three Options

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There are three setup options offered for this product, the first one is BoxLock Home which is suitable for protecting packages sent to a personal home. BoxLock Home + Sign Kit with an additional sign for the shipping package is suitable for company and offices. Whereas BoxLock Bundles is a BoxLock with a sign and a shipping box to protect packages which will only be available in the near future.


Beyond the peace of mind

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It is not complete if BoxLock cannot be used to monitor shipping packages through the application. This application will be accessible at any time through the companion app installed on the user’s smartphone. In addition to helping maintain its functionality, BoxLock is also equipped with a battery that can last up to 30 days of use.

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This smart lock is also equipped with SHA-256 encryption which is the highest level that can be used by the public. Users can also connect their smartphones to BoxLock using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when they are within the proximity of their BoxLock.

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