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Brazen Workshop has introduced its latest creation in the world of custom keyboard cases: the Mason60 Zen Series- Sandstone. This product, priced at $180.00 USD, is currently in stock and ready to enhance the typing experience of keyboard enthusiasts.

Exquisite Design and Material

The Mason60 Zen Series- Sandstone is not just a keyboard case; it’s a piece of art. Cast from a cement resin composite, it boasts a raw, stone-like appearance that is both visually appealing and tactilely satisfying. The case is acid-etched to reveal the mineral aggregates within, giving it an authentic stone feel. Weighing in at 1650g, it’s heavier than previous models, promising a solid and premium typing experience.

Compatibility and Customization

Designed to fit most GH60 style PCBs, such as the DZ60, the Mason60 Zen Series- Sandstone is a versatile choice for many keyboard builds. It features a tray mount with removable screw posts and standoffs, silicone O-ring dampeners, and a cork liner on the bottom for additional grip and dampening. Customers have the option to add EVA case foam for $10 or a cork case dampener for $14, enhancing the keyboard’s acoustic properties.

Availability and Shipping

This stunning keyboard case is available for immediate purchase and will be shipped out around 7 working days after ordering. Brazen Workshop, based in Hong Kong, offers various shipping options to locations worldwide, with free shipping within Hong Kong. Customers are responsible for any customs and duties for their respective countries.

Care and Maintenance

The Mason60 Zen Series- Sandstone is sealed for stain resistance and is completely waterproof. For maintenance, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth or scrubbed under running water with a toothbrush for stubborn stains.

About Brazen Studio

Brazen Studio, the creator of the Mason60 Zen Series- Sandstone, is a Hong Kong-based product design studio specializing in beautiful cast objects. They focus on keyboards and coffee accessories, with a commitment to quality and timeliness thanks to their in-house manufacturing.

Source: Brazen Studio

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