Brian Eno Turntable II by Paul Stolper

Paulstolper Brian Eno Turntable Ii 2024

Brian Eno, renowned for his innovative work in music and visual arts, has once again captivated the art world with the release of his latest creation, the “Turntable II.” This unique piece, combining aesthetic appeal with functional design, is now available through Paul Stolper Gallery.

A Fusion of Art and Music Technology

The “Turntable II” is not just a piece of art; it’s a fully functional musical device. Crafted with a blend of acrylic and LED lights, it measures 45cm in diameter and 15cm in height, including 1.8cm feet. The turntable features a white 8.6” Pro-Ject aluminium tonearm and an Ortofon white 2M cartridge. The precision cast acrylic platter and high precision stainless steel bearing block underscore its quality craftsmanship. Additionally, it includes a belt drive 15v motor with an electronic 33/45rpm speed switch, catering to the needs of vinyl enthusiasts.

Limited Edition Artwork

This turntable is not just a music player; it’s a collector’s item. Limited to an edition of 150 pieces, plus 20 artist’s proofs, each unit is engraved with a signature and edition number on the side of the base. The exclusivity of this piece makes it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of Brian Eno’s work.

Pricing and Availability

The “Brian Eno Turntable II” is priced at £20,000.00. Interested buyers can purchase it directly from the Paul Stolper Gallery. Given its limited edition status, potential buyers are encouraged to act swiftly to secure this unique piece of art and technology.

A Unique Addition to Any Collection

Whether you’re a fan of Brian Eno’s music, a lover of unique art pieces, or a vinyl record enthusiast, the “Turntable II” is an exceptional addition to any collection. Its blend of visual beauty and functional design makes it a standout piece in any setting.

Source: Paul Stolper

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