Bunk: A Wireless and Hot-Swappable Battery Pack for Your Smartphone

Bunk 6

With Bunk, you don’t need to have separate power banks anymore. It is a wireless and hot-swappable battery pack for your smartphone. This smartphone battery snaps magnetically on your smartphone back. Bunk will provide you double longevity without any permanent battery cases. This product design works well on all QI enabled smartphone, with or without a case.


Bunk 6

The idea of this product design comes from some problem that people often gets with their smartphone. More than 80% of them try to extend the battery life for a day. Even though, the most smartphones are designed with a non-removable cell.



Bunk 1

There are three main solutions that people often use these days. The first solution is using power banks but it requires a pocket and a tethered connection. The second is battery cases but mostly, the battery of a smartphone these days is non-removable that can be bloating. The last solution is mains quick charging but based on the research, the smartphone user still struggles to get and find a power socket until their devices reach < 30%.



Bunk 14

Bunk 12

Bunk 5

From the problem above, some various approaches are already addressed. After that, it is a perfect time to do some sketches for this product design. The sketches of Bunk comes in a detailed design, especially to find a fit size on the back side of the smartphone.


Development and Concept

Bunk 3

The development of Bunk is not only about the design but also about how this wireless battery can be an efficient thing to be used with a smartphone. It includes how this battery can stick to the smartphone and materials like a magnet and steel strips.

Bunk 8

Foams and MDF are used on some various prototypes. The purpose is about evaluation the in-hand feel and the size. The prototypes also can show the magnet performance and the charging system reliability of this wireless battery.



Bunk 4

Bunk 11

If you use a case on your smartphone, the bunk sticker will simply be stuck in the case because it is magnetic. But if you don’t use a case at all, you can be stuck this sticker directly onto your smartphone.



Bunk 7

The magnets on Bunk are kind of high strength neodymium magnets. It will locate and also secure Bunk in a place on your smartphone.



Bunk 10

The Multi-Coil solution can select the optimal output coil to get the best performance for this wireless battery. It allows Bunk to align on any smartphone that you have with the receiver coil.


QI Receiver

Bunk 9

Bunk is designed with a QI receiver to recharge it. This receiver is located on the front casing and also allowing two devices to be charged at the same time with a QI pad only.



Bunk 13

Bunk has IP67 rated. This rate means that it has a protection from contact with harmful dust, water projected, and immersion in water up to 1 meter in a depth. It makes you can go everywhere with it.



Bunk 2

Bunk comes with eight colorways and three textures. These colorways and textures options will give you a wide range of styling your modern smartphone.

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