Cast Lights: A Simple Pendant and Table Light

Cast Lights 1

Cast Lights started on a hotel project that needs an awesome thing for its interior design. Veronica Dagnert and Helena Jonasson is the designer behind this awesome product. Cast Lights is a solution for Ace Hotel lighting. It is a table and a pendant light that made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and concrete. This awesome light offers a simple and complex design.

Minimalist and Functional

Cast Lights 1

Veronica Dagnert and Helena Jonasson work with an idea of creating a minimalist and functional thing. That’s why Cast Lights comes with the same idea too. It has a minimalist design but it also has the best function as a lighting for every room interior.



Cast Lights 2

Cast Lights is designed with some awesome combination. It is built with a combination of volumes, materials, a certain finish, and also the tactile qualities. The result makes this lighting has a cool look with its simple design.



Cast Lights 3

Cast Lights is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and concrete. The bubble held down by the concrete base, it is the light’s glass sphere look. The top part of this pendant light is made from a concrete hemisphere. These materials make Cast Lights has its own beauty.


Complex and Simple

Cast Lights 4

Cast Lights 5

Cast Lights consists of two juxtaposed materials and basic geometric forms that make a complex and also a simple design. This lighting is also built by considering the laws of gravity to make an interesting composition in it.



Cast Lights 6

Cast Lights is not only about giving the best function to the hotel interior but also creating a decorative interior too. With the best quality and stylish design, this table and pendant light will be the best object to be seen for an interior lighting.