Caterham Seven 620S: The Best of Everything a Caterham Seven has to Offer

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The 620S has been tailored for road use delivering a new driving experience with a five-speed manual gearbox, and the creature comforts of the ‘S’ pack such as a heater, full windscreen, hood and side screens and leather seats.

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While the 620S also features more comfortable road springs and dampers, the uprated brake master cylinder and limited-slip differential are taken from the ‘R’ Pack to ensure optimum performance and the trademark 620 feel.



Caterham Seven 620s 4

To additionally upgrade comfort, Caterham supplanted the 620R’s 13-inch wheels with 15-inch Orcus combinations wrapped in more street suited ZZS tires. Another component that sets the 620S separated is that the back leaving debilitate pipe. On the 620R, the fumes exit under the correct entryway, around the back bumper.

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The 620S can be based on the wide-bodied SV body, which is longer and more extensive than the standard S3 case, giving a superior affair to all the more liberally proportioned clients, and an inside sand gear space, with a bigger fuel tank.


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The 620S joins the 620R at the summit of the Seven territories by saddling the same 310bhp two-liter, supercharged Ford Duratec motor to convey over the top execution for those drivers who feel that the Seven simply isn’t trouping enough.



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Much like the 620R, the 620S has a race-propelled design interior that is fairly simple and not precisely agreeable. The principle highlight that separates it from its R-badged kin are the leather seats, which supplant the standard carbon situates in the 620R.

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Standard equipment also includes four-point race harnesses for the seats, a carbon-fiber dashboard, bespoke instruments, Momo steering wheel, heater, and a 12-Volt socket.


Brilliant and Fast

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The Caterham 620S is a splendid, exhilaratingly quick car, The 620S conveys the best of everything a Caterham Seven brings to the table and a more street situated form that is a piece of Caterham’s current redesign of its car-stable.

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