Cluny Park Residences by SCDA Architects: A Residential Building with Glazing Facade

Cluny Park Residences By SCDA Architects 5

Designed by SCDA Architects, Cluny Park Residences sits in a lush tropical landscape across the street from the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This residential building comprises 52 units organized on over four storeys. The facade is composed of glazing, allowing the residents to enjoy the surrounding stunning views.


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This modern building also takes privileged location by the new UNESCO World Heritage site. Each unit inside the building has private lift access and a large balcony bordered by angled fins, providing sun shading and also a division between units, framing and directing the awesome views too towards the greenery of the garden.



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The barrier between outdoor and indoor space is dissolved by the full-height glazing of the units, extending the interiors of the building space visually. Private patios and pools can be found on the ground-floor apartment. These pools and patios are protected from the street and the adjacent lots by a layer of perimeter planting.



Cluny Park Residences By SCDA Architects 5

Two floors house duplex units on the top of the building allow for higher ceilings and generous double-height living spaces on the fourth storey. The public facilities are located on the roof level with unhindered vistas accessible to the residents. These facilities also include a pool with a deck and a gym, a barbeque pit, and a jacuzzi.



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The building facade is composed of glazing, framed by light composite timber trimmed with aluminum. This facade can give a natural yet clearly structured look for the entire building design. This look is carried over the building interiors that feature subtle inclusions of wood in its many forms and a luminous color scheme.

These subtle inclusions of wood can be found in the walnut wardrobe cabinets, textured brushed-cypress feature wall, and also white oak floors.


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Photography: SCDA Architects