Cove Chair: A Comfortable Chair for Privacy within Busy Spaces

Cove Chair 1

Cove Chair comes based on the need for privacy within busy spaces. This comfortable chair has a generously curved form will give you an ample room individually for a relax working time. You will have your own space without the need for walls. Cove Chair is a simple chair but it is also designed with personal space spatiality to give the best function for its user.


Cove Chair 1

As a simple chair, Cove Chair has a lot of functions that you can use. It is very suitable to be used in the public lounges, showrooms, and also receptions. The design of Cove Chair has been built to be the part of a cloud-like cluster of chairs and also provide a secluded space to relax, work, or eat.



Cove Chair 7

Cove Chair 2

Cove Chair is designed with refined materials. The minimal aesthetic style offers a lot of comforts for the users. The design itself shows a unique image which is different from any other chair. It is inviting and also interesting to be seen.



Cove Chair 3

The characteristic design of Cove Chair is its distinctive curved form. This form comes from the studies result of the guest ways when they use the existing lounge furniture around them. Cove Chair with the circular form creates a comfortable and wide seat complete with the mains power supply and USB charging point.

Cove Chair 4

A table in Cove Chair can be used as your informal desk. You can put your laptop, your smartphone, and also your coffee on this table when you use the chair. The cushion ribs are located on the back side look like ridges which are perfect to be used as your armrests.



Cove Chair 5

Cove Chair 6

Another best thing about Cove Chair is its surface design. Both of outer and inner surfaces of this chair is available to be customized as you wish. Every user has their own taste of a comfortable chair, including about the surface material. Cove Chair comes with an awesome capability to be designed with different fabrics and leathers.


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