New Rolex Deepsea: A New Watch with The Best Design for Your Underwater Journey

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New Rolex Deepsea is an awesome watch with the best technology and design for you who love to have amazing underwater journeys. This watch is designed with the cutting-edge calibre 3235 and a redesigned case. The case is built with resized Oysterlock folding safety clasp and a broader bracelet. New Rolex Deepsea comes with the best technology for the extreme underwater pressure.


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The new Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea from Rolex features a case with 44 mm size. The case is made with redesigned sides and lugs complete with a broader Oyster bracelet. The Oysterlock folding safety clasp will be easily adapted to your underwater journey.



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New Rolex Deepsea is made of Oystersteel with sports a D-blue dial too. This dial has a deep-blue to pitch-black gradient for underwater activities. This watch offers the high-quality watch with the Superlative Chronometer certification to give the best singular performance on your wrist.



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Rolex offers the best technology of calibre 3235 through New Rolex Deepsea. This calibre is a new generation movement which is fully manufactured and developed by Rolex. It gives a lot of advantages, including resistance to magnetism and shocks, power resistance, and also convenience.

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The high-technology ceramic allows you to check and monitor their decompression and underwater time for their own safety. The ceramic is extremely hard and corrosion-resistant, it will not be affected easily by ultraviolet rays. The Physical Vapour Deposition process is used to mold the graduations and numerals on the ceramic.



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This watch is designed for the deep which is waterproof 3,900 meters or 12,800 feet. The case is made from a helium escape valve and it is patented in 1967 by Rolex. It will protect the watch in the deep of the sea. The necessary waterproofness has been tested for the security and reliability of the watch.



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The secure bracelet of New Rolex Deepsea has an Oysterlock safety clasp. This kind of clasp can prevent an accidental opening. The double extension system allows this watch to give a comfortable use of a diving suit which is up to 7 mm thick.

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