D-Mask: Product Design of Diving Mask for Your Key Device

D Mask 4

Diving is not only a popular sport but also a favorite sport for many people. One of the important devices that you should have for diving is the mask. D-Mask is product design that offers an awesome device for your diving activities. With the innovation of its design and technology, D-Mask can give you another great experience in diving.


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The idea of D-Mask comes when the marine tourism industry development grows so fast with the underwater diving sport. It becomes one of the popular sports for all people. The demand for good devices for diving also grows fast too.



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Since 1924, they who wanted to explore the sea started to use the glasses as a diving mask. Today, this kind of diving mask has been out of date.



D Mask 4

With the intelligent design of D-Mask, you will have the new experience in diving for sure. It is designed not only for your safety but also for your convenient use in diving.



D Mask 8

D-Mask is designed as your full mask with 180 degrees of seamless view. It will cover your face perfectly in the water.



D Mask 9

D-Mask has well-choose application program and also humanized operation panel. This technology will give you an awesome feature to be used.



D Mask 1

When you use D-Mask under water, you will get a notice about the weather status, water pressure, and also the depth.

D Mask 11

You can also use the suitable device for your snorkeling activities, or you can take the oxygen bottle for scuba diving too.



D Mask 6

You can set the coordinates before you use D-Mask. This mask will guide you to the starting point, especially to solve a problem of getting lost in diving.



D Mask 5

D-Mask has a lighting function. It will start when the weather is bad and give you a bad view of water in diving.



D Mask 10

The bone conduction headset with radio system, saving the gesture language trouble. You can also enjoy both the amazing nature of the sea while listening to your favorite music.



D Mask 7

You can start the camera mode to shoot some best pictures of good scenery that you see underwater. For a better use, install an app that can be downloaded in your smartphone to export the picture and set your music playlist.

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