Cirkit 1000W: LED Electric Moped Scooter – the Most User-Friendly Bike Ever

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Cirkit 1000W is the new product from Indigo Bikes. With 1000W chargeable battery, you can reach more than 60km/h. This scooter is not only designed with the best technology for its performance but also a stylish design ever which is perfect for all ages. Cirkit 1000W is also durable, strong, safe, and the most user-friendly bike.


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You just need to charge this scooter battery for 8 hours. It is also environmentally friendly with zero emission. You can start the engine electrically by a simple push on the power button, offering faster and easier use in any stall case.



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The design of Cirkit 1000W can be used for all ages, it is stylish and fresh. You will also get a new level of experience in riding a scooter with its fully automatic transmission. Cirkit 1000W is perfect for all traffic conditions, wherever you are.



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Cirkit 1000W is not only strong but also durable. The tires are designed for all terrains. 6.3 inches ground clearance and the aluminum wheels come in rust-resistant style. The safety measure can be seen in the rear and front disc brake, it is better and also safer than other bikes.

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The seat is designed for a last long and heavily padded for your comfortable sitting. The headlights are also bright that can give you clear visibility in riding at the dark places. Don’t forget to always use DOT helmets which are approved for riding a bike.

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