DEEBOT 500: Effortless Everyday Cleaning

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Cleaning the house is one of the activities that must be done every day to maintain the cleanliness so that a house can be comfortable space. The number of household chores that have to be done in order to do so creates a real chance for technology to take over.

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We all do know that mopping and cleaning floor is crucial as germs and dust are usually occupy this very space. Maximizing the process of cleaning the floor is taken seriously by Ecovacs through their vacuum robot called DEEBOT 500 that will always be ready to clean the house thoroughly.

With the DEEBOT 500, you will have more time to relax and do other activities because all the tasks regarding cleaning can be covered by this product.

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The product maker put on a lot of technology on their new lineup, including Max Mode, an integrated 3-stage cleaning system and the ability to be controlled by smart home devices. One thing for sure is that DEEBOT 500 is ready to ensure the cleanliness of your living space.

DEEBOT 500 is able to clean the floor of a house in-depth and with the intense cleaning process. High-quality standard suction power is ready to suck all the dust from the floor every day. By utilizing the Max Mode, this vacuum robot is able to increase the suction power to clean even the very stubborn dirt.

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DEEBOT 500 is designed with intelligent technology to ensure there is no dirt or dust left on your floor. The robot will clean the house thoroughly using a 3-stage cleaning system, namely the side brush, main brush, and vacuum.

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Using the Auto mode, DEBOOT 500 is able to do general cleaning on places that are easily accessible. Meanwhile, to clean specific edges, the Edge mode needs to be activated. Last, on the Spot mode, the vacuum robot can do a cleaning process intensively in one very particular area.

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Moving on to the operation of the DEBOOT 500. In order to be able to activate this robot, you don’t need to be near it or touch it. The company adopted the latest implementation of smartphone technology so that you can activate it anytime and anywhere.

With the companion app, you can take control and schedule cleaning or monitor the status of cleaning through a smartphone. You can also schedule the cleaning process at any time so you can enjoy the squeaky clean home after a hard day at work.

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DEEBOT 500 is a completely modern vacuum robot as the battery charging process is already autonomous. When the battery is running low, the robot will automatically go to the Dock Station to charge itself.

This vacuum robot is also able to detect the presence of a ladder so that it will not fall. In the case that DEEBOT detects a ladder or lower plain, it will descend slowly and safely or even turn around so that the process of cleaning the house can be done efficiently.

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Last but not least, DEEBOT 500 is also able to detect the presence of goods around it so that your valuables will be protected. Adopting anti-collision sensors that are equipped with a soft pillow bumper makes this vacuum robot able to avoid obstacles and protect itself from bumping into furniture.



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