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As the time spent at home becomes more and more due to the pandemic, the need to accommodate cleaning progress is on an all-time high. And Roborock as one of the best robot vacuum cleaner brands recently presented a new generation with more intelligence and full of functions, especially in terms of navigation called Roborock S6 Pure.

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The main feature on the Roborock S6 is a sweep and drag feature but the robot vacuum cleaner also supports not only suction but wiping with water.

The suction power is as high as 2,000 Pa, and the high-precision laser sensor instantly and accurately grasps the floor plan of the room and efficiently cleans it with an originally developed algorithm.

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To perfect the combination, S6 Pure has an app with abundant functions such as setting the area you want to clean, setting the time, and checking the maintenance time.

In addition to the remote control function of the app, it can automatically recharge when there is no power, and automatically detect the power required for the remaining cleaning area. With these features, the owner no longer needs to wait until the fully charged to continue.

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In terms of appearance, the S6 Pure still uses the simple but attractive Roborock design language. Given its capacity of 180 ml, the body of the S6 Pure is slightly larger than the regular S6 variant.

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Available in two colors, black and white, the Roborock S6 Pure relies on an E11-rated filter that is claimed to capture 95% of allergens. In addition, this filter can also be easily removed for cleaning.

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Price and Availability

With highly-rated features, Roborock S6 Pure is marketed starting from 399,00 EUR and is available via renowned marketplace around the world and the official website.

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