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The German outdoor specialist has worked with Californian start-up Alpha Motor Corporation to develop a tent that is both practical and durable. Called Cloudbreak, this one has enough to meet the requirements of the most experienced camping enthusiasts.

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It was designed for use with the AMC Alpha Wolf + electric pickup. In case you haven’t already know, this all-electric all-terrain vehicle was announced last April. Unlike the Alpha Wolf unveiled in March, it has a longer cabin. Neither has, however, been put into rolex datejust m126284rbr 0013 rolex calibre 2836 2813 ladies 12mm automatic production yet.


Resistant Tent

As for the Heimplanet Cloudbreak tent, it fits perfectly with the rear of the Wolf +. For the collaboration with Alpha Motor Corporation, the company customized the shape to fit the size of the vehicle while providing two separate access points.

Alpha Wolf Cloudbreak 3

The geodesic tent also has the particularity of being easy to set up despite its shape worthy of a Martian shelter. In fact, it is inflatable. The structures that look like tubes in the photos are therefore actually inner tubes that just need to be inflated.

Alpha Wolf Cloudbreak 2

Unlike conventional tents, the Cloudbreak is made of high tenacity, weather resistant, durable and ripstop polyester to provide effective protection. It should be noted that Heimplanet also manufactures other tents. The German firm is proud of its approach which places alexander mcqueen 5517 unisex fashionable casual shoes great importance on the preservation of the environment.



Regarding the dimensions, the tent is approximately 4.358m long, 3.729m wide and 2.321m high. The Alpha Wolf + electric pickup is about 5.15 m long and over 1.9 m wide. Its bucket is 1.65 m long and 1.49 m wide, for a depth of 45.8 cm.

Alpha Wolf Cloudbreak 4

Structurally, the vehicle combines steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. It is a four-wheel drive pickup with a towing capacity of 3,050 kg. The 0 to 100 is reached in 5.9 seconds. For power, it is a question of a lithium-ion battery of 75 to 85 kilowatt hours supposed to provide up to 440 km of autonomy.

Alpha Wolf Cloudbreak 1


Price and Availability

Alpha has not yet announced what this combination will cost. But a standard Wolf+ can already be booked- it includes a price of $40,000 to $48,000. There is not a word about a production or delivery date, but it all looks slick, we have to hand that to Alpha.

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