DAF CF Electric Truck: A Zero-Emission VDL Electric Powertrain with A Collection Superstructure

Daf Cf Electric Truck 3

The electrification of small and medium-sized commercial vehicles is consistently progressing. Especially in inner-city transport, established vehicles like the DAF CF tries to consistently show off their strengths with an electric variant DAF CF Electric: No noise and no local emissions.

Daf Cf Electric Truck 2

To meet these requirements, two Dutch companies have joined forces with the truck manufacturer DAF and the technology group VDL. DAF Trucks builds the DAF CF Electric, while VDL develops and integrates the complete drive train for the electric truck.

Anew, DAF has just delivered a first CF Electric 6 × 2 carriers to the Dutch waste treatment company ROVA. The household refuses collection truck is equipped with a VDL “zero-emission” electric powertrain, as well as a fully electric BOM VDL superstructure.

Daf Cf Electric Truck 3

In the coming months, three other vehicles of the same type will also be put into service by ROVA for tests in real conditions in the town of Zwolle, located 80 km northeast of Amsterdam.

The 3-axle silhouette of these DAF CF Electric trucks offers them both a high payload (GVW up to 28 tonnes) and excellent handling thanks to a steerable axle. The tech is a real advantage for collection operations in dense urban areas.

Daf Cf Electric Truck 1

The VDL E-power transmission mounted on this BOM Daf CF Electric 6 × 2 offers a power of 210 kW and a torque of 2,000 Nm, as for the CF Electric tractor. The drive train is powered by a battery pack with an energy capacity of 170 kWh which is sufficient for regular waste collection routes.

“The DAF CF Electric is just as good and easy to operate as any conventionally powered truck and we truly believe it is important to participate from the start in the energy transition as natural resources are becoming increasingly rare. It is in our DNA to take care of the future of our planet and the use of low emission vehicles is part of our sustainability plan.”  – Marco van Lente, General Director ROVA

Daf Cf Electric Truck 4

Garbage collection trucks usually return to the depot after a few hours to empty the waste. The Daf CF Electric truck can then be recharged to 80% of its battery capacity in just 30 minutes. The electric range of the CF Electric is 100 kilometers within cities which should be possible with good planning in any case.

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