Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept: Classic Telephone with Modern Materials

Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 2

Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept is an iconic telephone with its classic style and its modern materials. This unique telephone is also designed in modern forms and technology. The concept of Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept design comes from a legendary 20th Century American industrial designer named Henry Dreyfuss. He was famous because of his works in product function from the customer to commercial.


Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 1

Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept is a pioneer of modern design in a product. The telephone of 1937 Bell 302 is the inspiration of this telephone project. The retro and futurist concept replaces the buttons and dials on it. With the touchscreen interface, Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept comes with customizable User Interface or UI.

The elegant form comes from the wedge-shaped. It is a regular feature that often used in an automotive design to create a sporty character. The user of Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept can power this telephone by holding down the power or home button. This button is located on the notched area, the base area of the touchscreen.



Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 2

Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept comes with four different colors of finishes. The first color is Anodized Silver Aluminium Finish as you can see in the picture above. Silver is the primary color, it gives a sleek, industrial and also a modern look on it.

Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 9

The second color is Anodized Satin Gold Finish. The gold color on this modern telephone makes it glamour, wealth, and also luxury. It is perfect for you who love to have a grandeur design in your own home.

Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 10

Anodized Black uses a black color as its primary essence. This color makes an awesome connection with the classic Bell 302. Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept in black color can give you an elegance, sophistication and also strength in life.

Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 8

The last color is Anodized Moonlight Gold. The gold color offers a soft and gold look. This color also can give you a glamorous feel. Just imagine how your home interior looks like when you have this Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept color finish one.



Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 6

The details sketches of Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept will show more ideation and exploration from the inspiration design. It is made to define the form and optimize the function and form interaction. You can pick the receiver to accept any calls. Drop it to the end when you want to reject calls.

Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 4

The design for the receiver is connected wirelessly with Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept via Bluetooth. The battery is charged through the induction charging pads which are located on the telephone base. The receiver also can have dual microphone and receiver.

Dreyfuss Retro Futurist Concept 3

The power of Dreyfuss Retro-Futurist Concept comes from the mains through the AC power chord. This chord is attached to this telephone. The transmission of this power is passing through the wires inside the telephone aluminum body.

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