H6D-400C MS: The Latest Multi-Shot Camera for The Best Shoot

H6D 400C MS 5

H6D-400C MS is the latest Multi-Shot camera from Hasselblad. This camera is designed with the highest resolution and also the most color accurate medium format images for you. H6D-400C MS can give you the highest imaging requirements with its 400MP image output and real RGB color data. It offers true color only with the detail astonishing moiré free level.


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H6D-400C MS is designed with the best features only. It has 53.4 x 40mm 100MP CMOS sensor with a wide ISO range, 15 stops dynamic range and 16-bit color data. It makes this camera capable to deliver some stunning images.


Rear Display

H6D 400C MS 2

The touch rear display has 3.0 inches in size. It will give you user customization options and also assign favourite functions with the touch buttons. H6D-400C MS has a resolution of 920K dots to give you clear and accurate image reviews on color.


Video and Audio

H6D 400C MS 3

You can capture UHD (4K) video in a format of Hasselblad’s proprietary RAW video format with the highest quality. H6D-400C MS also gives you an easy way to preview your shots wirelessly on an iOS device using the Phocus Mobile.



H6D 400C MS 4

H6D-400C MS is designed with a unique True Focus. It will make sure that you have the most accurate focus to get a razor sharp images from your shoot. You can learn more about True Focus first before you start your first shoot.



H6D 400C MS 5

With the CFast 2.0 card slot, H6D-400C MS comes with a high-speed data transfer rates. This slot is also capable to be used with your high data bandwidths, especially for the UHD and HD video. The USB 3.0 type-C connector will also deliver fast transfer to any platform.



H6D 400C MS 6

The existing modular design on H6D-400C MS can give you convenience and flexibility way to your photographic needs. It will improve back removal process if this camera. Everything is easy for your best result of shoots.

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