The New Leica SL2: It’s your choice.

The New Leica Sl2 5

If we were to compare the camera to a car, then Leica is included in the sports car category which is the highest caste in the industry. It is simply because of the level of expertise and pricing that can not be reached by most users. Recently, the company launched its newest Leica SL2.

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The camera from the legendary German manufacturer is included in the 35mm full-frame sensor camera. Leica SL 2 is the successor to the Leica SL series, which was first launched in 2015. The new generation of cameras will begin to be marketed simultaneously throughout the world on November 21, 2019.


The new Leica SL2 camera brings a new nuance to mirrorless thanks to advice from photographers and Leica SL owners. Leica has made several efforts to encourage technology and innovation that continue to prioritize design and existing heritage.

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Compared to the previous series, the Leica SL2 camera has a resolution that is twice as large, a 47-megapixel CMOS sensor. Another additional feature is that the Leica SL2 now has a 5-axis body-stabilization to deal with camera shake.


Other updates are on the Electronic ViewFinder 5.76 megapixels resolution and Leica Object Detention AF autofocus detection system. Supported with Maestro III and the new Smart AF mode, the autofocus feature works significantly faster and makes it possible to take distraction-free images in a variety of shooting situations.

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Leica claims the full-frame CMOS image sensor on SL2 can produce an unparalleled level of quality and image sharpness. Superb dynamic range, color sharpness up to 14 bits per RGB channel and sensitivity up to ISO 50,000 enables exceptional image quality in all lighting conditions.

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Not to be outdone by its competitors in the market, Leica also embeds a 4K 60fps video recording feature called CIne4K mode to attract potential buyers from cinematographers. Automatic headphone and mic jack features are also embedded in the new Leica SL2, as well as an HDMI connector for an external monitor.

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The Leica SL2 is the only camera that is fully designed and manufactured in Germany, with metal construction materials wrapped in an elegant leather lining that has been designed for years of use.

Compensation of this decision is certainly the weight of the Leica SL2 which is around 928 grams, much heavier than the current mirrorless camera in the market which is around 400-600 grams.

The New Leica Sl2 2

However, the Leica SL2 feels steady and comfortable when it is taking its part in photographing. Leica SL2 is also compatible with the Leica FOTOS 2.0 application that makes it easy to transfer images via Android and iOS smartphones. The price tag for the new Leica SL2 is $5,995.

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