DublDom-Kandalaksha: A Tourist Shelter for Ski-Tours and Walking Tours Lover

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Located in primordial nature, DublDom-Kandalakshais the best tourist shelter for ski tours and walking tours lover in winter. This shelter is surrounded by beautiful view of Northern nature and also White Sea gulf. You can walk for 40 minutes to go to DublDom-Kandalaksha. The best thing about this tourist shelter is not only about the amazing views but also the facilities inside it.


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DublDom-Kandalaksha is located in Rusia, Murmansk Region on the Volosyanaya Hill. It stands in the middle of a large hill which is beautiful. When you stay in this shelter, you can also enjoy the Gulf of the White Sea and natural environment of the north area in Rusia.



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If you look DublDom-Kandalaksha from a distance, it looks like a minimalist house in the middle of nowhere. The building is designed in red paint color with a large glass wall on the other side. Through this glass wall, the amazing view can be seen clearly.



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DublDom-Kandalaksha can accommodate more than 8 persons. This tourist shelter has a kitchen with gas stove, cooking table, dishes, sink, and also two burners. For the energy, you can use a generator or solar panels to charge your devices.

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You just need to walk 30 meters from the purest lake to get water. The bathroom itself is completed with bio-toilet, shower, bath accessories, and also warm water. You don’t need to worry about getting freezy in the winter when you stay in this shelter.

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DublDom-Kandalaksha also offers a cellular connection with free Wi-Fi 3G. It has a fireplace to keep you warm in winter. You can find some lingonberries and blueberries in the tundra for your vitamins, right under your legs.

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At the outside, DublDom-Kandalaksha has 1,2 km of parking place, 3 km boat mooring and also a snowmobile track. You can rent trekking sticks and snowshoes which are available with the guide services too. 1 to 4 persons will be charged 5000 RUB per night and 7000 RUB per night for 5 to 8 persons.



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By staying in DublDom-Kandalaksha, you can do some active leisure both in summer and winter. Skiing or freeride, walking trails, snowmobiles, ski-tour, and also yacht regatta surely will be fun to do. With the original Northern nature, you will have the best experience ever.

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