EG Hupana: Hoka and Engineered Garments Collaboration for Bold New Look of Shoes

EG Hupana 2

If you need the best shoes with stylish design, EG Hupana is the right answer. EG Hupana is Engineered Garments Hupana, a new shoe design from the collaboration of Hoka and Engineered Garments. It is the first time they have an awesome collaboration to make a shoe. The asymmetrical designs on EG Hupana surely make it looks stylish. This shoe is available in two types, Unisex and Polka Dot.

Bold New Look

EG Hupana 1

The bold new look pf EG Hupana doesn’t mean this shoe is designed in dark color only. You also have some options to choose this shoes in colorful color like blue, white, red, yellow, and even green. With those color options, EG Hupana will make your fashion looks cooler than usual.


Unisex EG Hupana

EG Hupana 2

The first type of EG Hupana is called Unisex EG Hupana. The characteristic of this shoe type is the color and the gender-neutral style for all. This type is perfect to be used for any gender. The awesome look surely will make your sports activities become more stylish.


Unisex Bold Color

EG Hupana 3

Unisex EG Hupana also comes with some awesome bold colors for you. The first bold color is the combination of dark blue and black. It is a perfect style for you who need a simple design of sports shoes. The second one is the combination of yellow and green color. It is a good design for you who love to use any color in your fashion, including your sports shoes.


EG Hupana Polka Dot

EG Hupana 4

The polka dot type of EG Hupana will be the best shoes for polka dot lover. This shoe type comes in two main colors, darker and lighter color. The lighter polka dot is designed with polka dot pattern and the combination of white and grey, while the darker polka dot has a black color as its main design. Both of them are cool and awesome for teenagers.

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