Endurance-40 (Military Grade): The Smarter Mobile Storage Solution

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Endurance-40 (Military Grade) is optimized with 463-L and ISU 90 pallet fit with 300 lb compact size. The capacity design of this smarter mobile storage is built for easy handling and stacking. It will be a storage solution for you who need to haul and protect your stuff perfectly. Endurance-40 (Military Grade) comes with the Speedbox rugged durability, a good solution for you with two available colors.


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The dimensions of Endurance-40 (Military Grade) is about 33.40 inches of the length, 26.00 inches of the depth, and 19.95 inches for the width. It offers 5.37 cubic feet or 40 gallons of capacity. The weight is not more than 41 lbs.

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This awesome storage comes in two available colors that you can choose, Black and Coyote Brown. Endurance-40 (Military Grade) is used by Navy EOD, Army Special Forces, and also Air Force Pararescue Jumpers. This storage is made in America with two years of 100% satisfaction guarantee.



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Endurance-40 (Military Grade) has a slim and sturdy design for its container. The tires are off-road, no-flat and also solid. This awesome storage also offers an airtight and watertight protection with drain. The lid is designed with a double wall, creating a durability and good strength.

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You can have your own customizable label and put it on the panel, identifying the contents clearly. Endurance-40 (Military Grade) is safer because of its interlocking and stacking system. The handle is solid, made for your perfect grip.

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The vent feature can create good conditions both outside and inside the box. The two cam driven latches can make a good seal for the lid and the body, it is safe and also waterproof. You can also use this product as a cooler.

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The interlocking handle will give you an easy and quick locking. The lock plates come with solid aluminum materials to keep your expensive and vital equipment safe. The lift points can make your hand keeps safe when you placing it with other boxes.



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Endurance-40 (Military Grade) offers two awesome colors for you, Coyote Brown and Black. If you want to have a smart storage solution which is different from others, then you should have the Coyote Brown. But if you wish for a simple and elegant storage color, Black will be perfect for you.

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