The Reagiro: Fully Mechanical Wheelchairs for All-New User Experience

The Reagiro 9

With Reagiro, you will be allowed to control its movement easily, especially in pushing and breaking. It is fully mechanical wheelchairs that will give you an all-new user experience ever. The unique thing from Reagiro is the laterally tiltable backrest which is linked to the front axle, turning the leaning into curves into a steering too.


The Reagiro 9

Reagiro is an innovation result of experimental design approach and user-centered combination. This wheelchair proves that its design and technology can provide some different levels of values, creating a delight and freedom sense in steering.

The Reagiro 8

This wheelchair is very easy to move, even when you have an umbrella, smartphone, and a cup of coffee in your hand. From the medical side, this product has a potential to stimulate the core muscles of the user and also relieve the hands too.




The Reagiro 1

The customization of the frame can be done by using the conventional and digital manufacturing methods. The lugs of this wheelchair that define the geometry design are made with a parametric process in 3D0printed. It will ensure that the chair can meet the user exact need.

The Reagiro 4

Reagiro also becomes an inspiration in the bicycle industry with its sport and dynamic aesthetic design. The whole design can express the novel way of using it easily for any conditions. It is safer and also flexible.



The Reagiro 2

The Reagiro 7

The Reagiro 3

The Reagiro 5

Reagiro is formed by an extensive prototyping. The development of this wheelchair is also about some prototyping broad variety of methods to reach fully working prototypes for the user. So once you use this wheelchair, it is the only thing that you need.

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