Yooniq: Unique Urban Bike to Get You Anywhere

Yooniq 6

If you want to have a different style of using a bike, then all you need is Yooniq. This unique urban bike will get you anywhere as you wish, whether it is your workspace or your living place. Yooniq offers durable, handy, fast, and also compact design. It will change the way you live in this modern life. You can enjoy your life better with Yooniq.


Yooniq 5

Yooniq 6

This bike is light and also durable, a perfect bike for an urban environment. The compact design will give you a lot of space in the metropolitan area. The straightened aluminum alloy is used to make the frame, keeping the bike light and tough too.



Yooniq 7

Yooniq 1

You will have the best riding experience ever. The frame geometry works together with the ergonomic grips to give an awesome performance in riding, The non-slip pedals, and the leather-textured saddle provides a sporty and comfortable seating postion.



Yooniq 3

Yooniq 8

This bike has 3-speed integrated shifter, located in the rear hub. It will be easy to maneuver the bike slowly in the crowded space. It will be a fun thing to ride Yooniq in the conquer steep city hills or wide open streets.


Safety and Brakes

Yooniq 2

Yooniq 4

The disc brakes come in a powerful design for your ultimate stopping power, creating an easy control for hard situations. The tires are wider with smooth urban pattern and a good grip, help you to reach an awesome speed on road. You will also get optional reflectors for your additional safety standard.

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  1. Wow, extremly lovely bike for my girlfriend urban farmer. Would love to test it. Is it in production yet, available to get it to Malta.,. (:

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