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Exovault Mouse 6

If you are a regular PC user, one thing that might be the owner of a crucial role in your daily life is the performance of the computers and other peripheral equipment such as keyboards and mouse are often overlooked by many people.

Exovault Mouse 6

But the researchers say that good peripheral gadget will have an impact of up to 35% on the speed and accuracy of task execution. Well, there are many choices of “supporting” devices out there, but only a few provide aesthetic value. EXOvault sees this opportunity and releases product dubbed the EXOvault mouse.


The Artwork

Exovault Mouse 5 Exovault Mouse 4

EXOvault Mouse is a mouse device that is designed artistically. This mouse uses buttons from Omron and PixArt sensors for both the wheel scroll and the main sensor. Sensors from Pixart allow EXOvault Mouse to be used on all surfaces, including glass.


High-Grade Materials

Exovault Mouse 7

With high-performance mouse labels, this device is made with high precision standards. This mouse also has a unique composition of details and is assembled from aerospace standard materials aluminum and premium hardwood that has been intended to give a more excellent encounter.

Exovault Mouse 2

The EXOvault Mouse uses Bluetooth for the main connection. This artistic mouse can also be moved 40 inches per second to prove the status of a high-performance device. This mouse has been equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged using a USB cable.


Four Options, One Sweet Charm

Exovault Mouse 1Exovault Mouse 3

EXOvault Mouse can be used either by right or left hand because it has 2 main buttons and can be connected with a PC or Mac. There are 4 color choices, namely silver, gold, black and metallic. On their official website, EXOvault Mouse is sold at a price of $ 105 and $ 300 depending on color choices. So, why not pick one?

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