Flang HiFi Player & Dock Speaker – First Ever Portable HiFi Player & Dock in One!

Flang Hifi Player Dock Speaker 5

Life is too short not to enjoy music, but to really get into the rhythm and beat you need the music player that is as clear as the sky in Iceland and resonance the music perfectly. Presenting Flang, your personal speaker and HiFi player for wherever life takes you.

Flang Hifi Player Dock Speaker 5

The HiFi player offers the best audiophile sound hotspot for Flang compact speaker to guarantee the best stable music processing sound in the market. The company that created Flang consider themselves as a music lover and their product translated the need for the high-quality music player.

Flang Hifi Player Dock Speaker 3

The type C dock is outlined uniquely to avoid flag misfortune contrasted with typical Bluetooth speakers. You can utilize the Flang Audio Player Dock together for the best solid quality, or independently as a compact Bluetooth speaker and HiFi player to address every one of your needs.

Flang Hifi Player Dock Speaker 2

The Bluetooth speaker highlights Dual-Pump System to guarantee steady and intense enhancer quality. It likewise has the programmed picking up control calculation that causes Flang to play clear, undistorted music.

Flang Hifi Player Dock Speaker 1

The HiFi player can fill in as a decoder to support your music quality with their 130mV power yield that gives the immediate push to an assortment of high impedance HiFi earphones.

The one of a kind container structure separates the inward and external layers which associated with bunches of fortifying part to scatter reverberation. You will likewise get 4000mAh limit battery that can play up to 12 hours.

Flang Hifi Player Dock Speaker 4

In all genuineness, we as a whole need to detach from the world somewhat more, so taking something like the Flang on an exercise or to a grill is just going to enhance the general involvement and the easier path to seek the moment.



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