Gyes Saddle: Lock Step & Torque Limit

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Comfort while cycling becomes very important to provide an unforgettable experience every time you cycle. The saddle is an important part of a bicycle to provide comfort. That’s why Gyes Saddle is one of the main frontiers in giving the proper comfortable feeling down the road on a bike.

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As we mentioned before, the saddle can becomes an important part of the bicycle to provide comfort for the rider. This saddle is not necessarily produced just like that, but it requires long and thorough planning to create.

The use of genuine leather as the main ingredient of Gyes Saddle makes this company able to develop fast and is in demand in a lot of markets in various countries, such as Europe, USA, and Asia.

The leather saddle was inspired by the IMM Cologne furniture exhibition visited by James Shu as the company’s general manager. He then started to develop saddles and various bicycle accessories from genuine leather since 2008. Since the lineup got a fair amount of products, this time we’ll just take two product as an example.

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GS-06C Color Black
The FS-06C is one of the top products from Gyes because it has specifications that fit the needs of many people. This saddle is made from genuine cow leather which makes it looks charming. The saddle is made of CR MO or Chromoly which is made of steel or steel with a mixture of molybdenum and chromium.

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The material is often referred to as the next level of the Hi-Ten Steel material. Although still fairly heavy, this material is lighter than Hi-Ten Steel. Likewise with better endurance. The size of this saddle is 280mm x 155mm.


GS-19 Brown
The GS-19 is the type of saddle that is no less popular than the previous one. Attractive specifications and designs are able to captivate the heart of bicycle lovers, especially those who love classic or retro style bikes.

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This saddle is also made of genuine cow leather which is the hallmark of the Gyes saddle. The dimension is another carbon copy of the previous type, which is 280mm x 155mm.

Because of its good durability, the saddle makes it perfect for bicycles that will often be going through challenging tracks, such as dirt and mountains. Despite getting a hard beat, this saddle is able to survive well. Especially with the specifications that are resistant to corrosion.

Gyes Saddle 4

In addition to these two products, there are still many other types and variants of saddle that you can find. The products are different from variations in color, the material used to its size which you can adjust yourself.

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