Phase One XT Camera System: Seek Extraordinary!

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Phase One has been well-known among photographers for its cutting edge picture quality because it uses a full-frame medium format sensor (53.7 × 40.4mm) with the highest image resolution of its era. Some people did say that Phase One is giving the photographers the real experience of a camera.

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In 2015, Phase One launched the Phase One XF Camera System, a modular system that continues to develop its technology. The XF system has an SLR-like architecture, which has mirrors and optical viewfinder.

Now they are launching a new camera system called Phase One XT Camera System. The abbreviation XT itself is derived from the new slogan Phase One, Seek eXTraordinary. The Phase One XT consists of an IQ4 digital back which contains an image sensor, processor, screen and camera interface.

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The sensor size used by IQ4 is 2.5X larger than the full-frame camera format (35mm format), and 1.5X larger than the medium format crop sensor. This Phase One XT system offers a more compact and lightweight package, because it uses a mirrorless system, meaning that the camera does not have a mirror, and only takes the form of a frame that connects the digital back module to the lens module.

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The core of this camera system is the IQ4 digital back which can be exchanged between the XT and XF camera systems. Packed with the XT camera system is the latest IQ4 150MP and has an ISO 50-25600 spec and a 15 stop dynamic range with 2 photos per second in succession photo performance and can accept two types of XQD and SD card types.

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The XT Camera System has several unique features namely Rotatable tripod foot making it easy for photographers to change camera orientation from horizontal to vertical. Another feature that has a horizontal and vertical dial that allows 12mm shift in four directions. The shift feature allows the photographer to capture and combine shifted photos to get a wider photo without distortion.

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Phase One offers three XT lenses, namely XT Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm f / 5.6, XT Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 32mm f / 4, XT Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 70mm f / 5.6. This lens module can only be manually focused and is three times higher resolution than the human eye.

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The Phase One XT Camera System is suitable for travel, landscape, architecture and portraiture photographers. There is support for focus peaking on the LCD screen making it easier to focus manually quickly and accurately.

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The Phase One XT Camera System is already marketed for a while now and this unique camera system is sold with one package including the lens, camera, and the digital back IQ4 which start at a hefty price of $ 56,000.

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