H-Eva by Atelier 6 Architecture: micro-architecture that combines modern comfort and traditional materials

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 7

The team of the Atelier 6 Architecture creates an innovative concept: a prefabricated and mobile, sustainable, and ecological microarchitecture, which they call H-eva. This small wooden house with 20m² that space can be installed anywhere is a living space that is reduced to the essentials.

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 7

The H-eva house was born from the meeting between the developer of ideas Michel Calliau, the craftsman Nicolas Laveau and the architect Michel Hardoin. In 2014, Michel Calliau and Christine Tanguy entrusted A6A with the construction of a wooden pavilion attached to their family home.

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 6

Seduced by the wooden house created by Michel Hardoin, the sponsor wishes to go further and develop a mobile and autonomous cabin. The initial idea finally took shape at the end of 2016 when the duo met the builder Nicolas Laveau, who had been working for several years on the manufacture of a prefabricated and ecological house.

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H-eva is a contemporary cabin that contains everything you need to live there in a self-sufficient way: the main space, a private corner that can accommodate up to two double beds, a kitchen, a sanitary block as well as a wood stove.

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 4

The cellar is the housing for the water purification system while the electric batteries supplied by the photovoltaic panels on the roof. H-eva is as comfortable as a traditional home and produces its own energy, without waste or pollution.

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 3

Built with sustainable and local materials – Landes pine or wood from Nouvelle-Aquitaine – the cabin is adorned with wooden planks from floor to ceiling, left raw inside and burnt on the outside. Also open to the landscape, this small pavilion has large bay windows, sometimes opening onto a terrace.

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 2

In addition to being a low-cost housing solution, H-eva offers its inhabitants an atypical spatial experience. Combining comfort and ecological awareness, the cabin invites the owner to return to their roots.

H Eva By Atelier 6 Architecture 1

It’s hard not to be seduced by this little module, which opens up the field of possibilities in terms of habitat and also allows you to think about the house of tomorrow.




Photography: Atelier 6 Architecture