Hennessey Performance Venom 775: Stock! Supercharged!

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The very well-known car modification company from the United States, Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE), recently released a new Ford-based product called Hennessey Venom 775.

Just like Hennessey’s other works, the modification is focused on upgrading the performance sector and its clearance. The overall result is an astonishing yet powerful pickup monster.

The standard Ford Ranger F-15- engine which is powered by a 5,000cc V.8 supercharger that has been upgraded to be able to spit 775 hp – thus the name.

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This Hennessey Venom 775 can go from 0-100 kph in a mere 4 seconds. On the case that the car goes on to the drag race competition, then the pickup can carve a record time of 12.1 seconds at 185 kph for a distance of 402 meters.

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All that extra power comes from camshaft updates, pushrods, and high-pressure intercoolers. Plus the new air induction system, crankcase ventilation, engine management, and several other changes related to performance.

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To be precise, Hennessey installed a 2.9-liter supercharger, increased fuel consumption and systems, and added an intercooler. The muffler also uses stainless steel models, which look much better and suit the aura of the car.

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Moving on, the Ford F-150 is asked to tiptoe up to 6 inches thanks to the Hennessey Off-road Stage 1 suspension. Not to forget the rims were also replaced using 20-inch HPE wheels and wrapped in 35-inch Toyo tires.

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Besides, to get a more fierce outside looks, the Ford F-150 was also getting a new ‘face’. The front bumper is replaced with an additional 5 LED lights and a skid plate to protect the bottom of the engine.

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Only 100 models of the Hennessey Performance Venom 775 are planned to be produced in 2020 and each car will be provided with a serial number on the engine and the dashboard.

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Of the total modifications, the Hennessey Performance Venom 775 is marketed at 69,600 and only offered exclusively through Brown Lee Ford, a Ford dealer who worked with HPE to assemble the Mustang GTs 700 Hp last year.

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