New Renault Twingo Z.E.: More Than Ever The Queen of The City

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Electric vehicles are being loved by the customer all around the world. Carmakers are rushing to grab a piece of the new market by releasing lots and lots of variation of the electric cars. Recently, the French automotive company, Renault released Renault Twingo Z.E.

Originally, the premiere of the Twingo Z.E. was planned to be held at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020 on March 5 to 15. But due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the carmaker chooses to release the city car privately.

The Renault’s electric vehicle will be slotted between Twizy and Zoe. Twingo Z.E. will accompany existing electric vehicles such as the Volkswagen e-Up, Skoda Ctigoe iV, and Seat Mii Electric, which are almost the same as the Smart EQ For Four platform.

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Twingo Z.E. has a lithium-ion battery capacity of 21.3 kWh with a total voltage of 400 volts with 8 cells weighing 165 kg. The maximum range of the car with a full battery is reaching 180 km.

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The Renault Twingo Z.E packed a synchronous electric motor technology with rotor coil capable of mobilizing power equivalent to 81 hp at 3,950-11,450 rpm. While the torque is around 160 Nm at 500-3,590 rpm. Acceleration from 0-50 kph can be reached in 4 seconds, while the top speed is pegged at 135 kph.

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The charging process of the Twingo Z.E is varied from source to source. On the case that the charging process uses a 2.3 kWh home socket, it will take about 13 and a half hours to fully recharge the depleted battery.

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Whereas with a Green-Up socket with a voltage of 3.7 kW or a Wallbox of 7.4 kW, the process is getting shorter up to 8 to 4 hours.

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Twingo Z.E features “B mode” allowing the driver to choose three levels for regenerative braking after lifting the accelerator pedal. The car will slow down to charge the battery, thereby minimizing the need to brake the pedal deeply.

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Packed with compact dimensions, Twingo Z.E has a length of 3,615 mm, a width of 1,646 mm, and a height of 1,541 mm. The distance of the axis is 2,492 mm. The car is pretty agile because the turning radius is 4.3 meters.

Renault Twingo Z E 13

The Renault Easy Link multimedia system can access Renault Easy Connect through a 7-inch touch screen integrated into the center console.

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Even though it looks small, the front passenger headroom reaches 908 mm and 855 mm on the rear. The shoulder room is also 1,321 mm for the front and 1,284 mm for the rear. Rear passenger legroom also provides a 136 mm space area.

Renault Twingo Z E 1

Load goods in the small trunk are capable of packing174 liters while the large area has a 240 liters volume. If the rear passenger seat is folded flat, it can even provide 980 liters space.

Renault Twingo Z E 4

Previously, the car manufacturer based in France has removed the conventional engine Twingo from sales in the UK. Renault still keeping the information regarding the price tag and production process of the new Twingo Z.E close to their chest.

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