Imagine by Kia: Capturing the Heart and Making It Beat

Imagine By Kia 1

South Korean automotive manufacturer, Kia, recently unveiled the detailed on the prototype of an electric car called “Imagine by Kia” after being designed at a European design center, in Frankfurt, Germany.

Imagine by Kia uses a progressive design language, marked by a combination of sharp lines and efficient aerodynamics. The Kia design team strives to maximize cabin space and create spacious interiors.

KIA Imagine Concept has a pretty fierce appearance, like a typical American muscle car. KIA’s typical tiger-nose grille has now been replaced with a tiger mask LED headlight concept.

Imagine By Kia 3

At the front door, there is a pair of cameras that function as substitutes for conventional mirrors. While behind, the LED taillight thin mounted to add the futuristic aura of the car.

Imagine By Kia 6

In short, KIA believes that the Imagine concept is a C-segment car called a combination of a powerful sports vehicle, a sleek and sporty family sedan, and a versatile and broad crossover.

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Interestingly, the Imagine by Kia‘s door carries the concept of suicide-doors. Where the back door opens upside down from the car in general. The rim of this car also looks striking with the Kia emblem lit in the middle.

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The cabin looks roomy and hyping the more futuristic vibe, equipped with four leather seats mated to silk. The center console is made floating and the screen has a 21-inch high resolution curved above the dashboard.

Imagine By Kia 11

The front and rear turn signal lights will be inserted in the body of a special chrome silver color with six layers of paint. The headlights are made of strips with horizontal LEDs, which later called ‘eyelids’.

Imagine By Kia 12

The front is made more attractive thanks to the ripple effect on the lower sides of the front bumper. Although Kia did not inform in detail, the heart of the Imagine by Kia’s runway was believed to be carrying an electric engine.

Imagine By Kia 13

This electric car will be the first KIA production to be built using the Hyundai Group’s Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). This crossover modeled EV will be the first project in collaboration with KIA and Rimac, the Croatian electric sports car manufacturer.

Imagine By Kia 7

KIA has also confirmed that this electric car will have a range of up to 482 Km with a charging time of only 20 minutes.

Imagine By Kia 1

The E-GMP platform will also feature the same 800-volt technology as the Porsche Taycan and will work with the IONITY 350kW fast-charging network.

Imagine By Kia 2

The South Korean manufacturer is ready to mass-produce the concept vehicle which was first introduced to the public at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Production of the Kia Imagine is expected to be completed within one or two years and will be available in 2021.

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