Hasselblad XCD 4/45P: Light Enough for Any Adventure

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Complementing its digital format medium camera ecosystem, Hasselblad recently announced the XCD 4 / 45P lens. The lens is very special because it managed to become the lens with the lightest autofocus in the world for digital format medium cameras. The lens could appeal to backpackers as well as studio photographers.

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The X-System lens for Hasselblad digital medium format cameras is specifically designed to emphasize portability and sharp image quality. Now, getting on the title of the lightest digital format medium lens, the total weight of the Hasselblad XCD 4 / 45P lens is only around 320 grams.

This weight makes it very easy to carry around. With a body length of around 47mm, when attached to the Hasselblad X1D camera body, the lens also won’t take up much space in the bag. The Hasselblad XCD 4 / 45P lens may well inspire fans of outdoor photography to convert to medium format.

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The Hasselblad XCD 4 / 45P is a lens with a 45mm focal distance and a diaphragm F / 4 aperture. According to the company, the lens offers image capture equivalent to a 35mm lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor. Behind the compact design, the Hasselblad XCD 4 / 45P carries 9 lens elements in 7 groups, including 2 aspherical lens elements.

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The minimum focusing distance of 35 cm makes it possible to envisage fairly close-up shots as can be achieved in food photography. Note that Hasselblad scores point here compared to Fujifilm which only offers a less comfortable minimum distance of 55 cm for its GF 50 mm f / 3.5 R LM WR.

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Thanks to two aspherical lenses, this 45mm focal length optic also has the advantage of being much more compact than its predecessors. Hasselblad XCD 4 / 45P also supports autofocus. The autofocus system relies on the performance of the new AF motor which is claimed to be quieter and supports flash synchronization of up to 1/2000 seconds.

Besides, the Hasselblad XCD 4 / 45P can be used to shoot from a minimum distance of about 35 cm, an enlargement ratio of 1: 5.2 and a mechanical focus control ring.

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Announced at the public price of $1,099, Hasselblad continues to offer more affordable prices, like the lower price of the X1D II 50C. Thanks to its lightness and compactness, Hasselblad wishes to seduce reporters or enthusiasts traveling, especially since the manufacturer says it has succeeded in reducing the noise on release, both for the shutter and for the autofocus. A pledge of discretion useful in its situations.

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