HUBB: An Innovative Modular Furniture Collection for Learning Environments

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 4

HUBB comes to support the best learning environments without any limitation. It is an innovative modular furniture collection for all changing needs in learning. This furniture collection can be used for both long and short-term. When there is no same teaching methods and curriculum, HUBB offers the best furniture collection to give a perfect educational system these days.

Modular Furniture Collection

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 7

HUBB is designed by Mecanoo and Gispen. In Mexico, Canada, and the US, HUBB is known as MECANOO by Gispen. The goal of this innovative modular furniture collection is about supporting open and dynamic learning environments to give the best facilities for different activities.


Modular System

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 5

The modular system allows HUBB to be reconfigured based on its basic elements. This furniture collection is designed with a  straightforward basic shape that can be linked to some variations and endless combination in a learning environment. It makes HUBB becomes a solution for the interior.


Key Ingredient

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 3

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 2

In the Fontys University of Applied Sciences campus, HUBB already becomes the key ingredient of entrance campus building. It transforms the campus space into an awesome multipurpose learning environment for all. Not only students but also the teachers.


Dynamic Learning Landscape

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 1

HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 6

With HUBB, the dynamic learning landscape has been created with the best available space. This space is divided well into three areas, closed, semi-open, and also open. The landscape offers a wide range area to support all people that have different activities, like relax zone, collaboration zone, and also study zone.



HUBB Modular Furniture Collection 4

The design of HUBB is about combining the different configurations with regular contract furniture. It can stand-alone, or integrated into the walls, and also used as a custom-made of dinner style booths. It has an awesome flexibility where can support your innovation and creativity. Everyone can share their ideas and inspiration with each other

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