InstantKon RF70: The New Generation of MiNT Camera You Can Control

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Those who love photography knows that their hobby is indeed a fun occasion to live. You can capture various moments that have a lot of life value. Everyone has their favorite photo objects. However, for those of you who like photography, the experience is not gonna be complete if you have never try InstantKon RF70.

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Interest in the world of photography is a broad concept, some people like photography, but can not really utilize their camera quite well. Some buttons that are not understood make it difficult for them to use the camera. However, this kind of struggle will not be happening while using InstantKon RF70.

This camera is indeed designed so that everyone can use it easily. Like the early vintage polaroid that is easy to control, InstanKon RF70 is built so that the learning process can get easier. You can also take the pictures freely at every moment.

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Technological developments in photography let the InstantKon RF70 experience the new stage of development. Initially, in 2014, this camera was known as the SLR670-S which has a unique appearance with shutter control. Then, it got reshape into TL70 which is similar to a speaker and has an aperture control feature.

Finally, after the last alteration, the InstantKon RF70 is shaping as we know it today. The shape also resembles a camera in general with the combined features of the two previous cameras, namely shutter control, and aperture control. It can be said that the camera got its monumental leap from the past where there are still many original features embedded.

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The InstantKon RF70 camera has an accordion bellows design which is a genius discovery in the world of photography because it allows the process of taking photos with wider shooting angles to get accomplished easily.

These advantages usually come on a compact-sized camera but InstantKon70 successfully adding the features without adding weight to the camera. The design provides a dark and flexible extension between the lens and film fields.

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The outside of this camera is made of leather which makes it a classic impression. Especially with the bellows design that shows the elegant side of the camera. With the nostalgic lever, RF70 is more than just a camera, you will get a new experience in the world of photography.

Initially, MiNT had doubts over its research and findings on the bellows. However, this actually led them to produce the design and turned out to get good results. The long and careful manufacture reseatch finally paid off in the form of a lightweight and durable camera.

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InstantKon RF70 is available through their official website and comes with a price tag of $899. The camera-maker is also releasing the product in two different packages. The starter package which priced at $969 will give extra lens and films, while the most expensive package, the ultimate package at $1,079 offers another set of lens, hood, and films plus a neck strap.



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