Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Most-Awarded SUV Ever

Jeep Grand Cherokee 6

Jeep Grand Cherokee is the next generation of Jeep Cherokee (XJ) which was designed exclusively by American Motors Corporation. Broadly speaking, this jeep has differences with other types of SUVs since it packed a unibody chassis instead of using body on frame construction.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee carries the concept of high luxury with the most complete feature ever. This Jeep is a type of premium SUV that always provides a driving experience that is second to none in all kinds of road terrain.

It also offers a confident and super elegant exterior design for the driver. The Jeep Grand Cherokee will also give the driver an extraordinary glow of authority from every angle of the premium vehicle.

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Each variant of the Jeep Grand Cherokee will always highlight the extraordinary styling of the style. Especially on the front of the modern grille and fascia, bright daylight, fog light emitters, and refueling holes without cover.

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The key to the success of the Jeep Grand Cherokee as an eco-car lies in its mechanical system. The 6.2L Supercharged V8 engine has been re-tuned and increased power to 707 horsepower. The engine is also supported by a two-step variable valve lift (VVL) which improves fuel efficiency.

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710 hp, a 6.2-liter supercharged V8, from standstill to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds. The data on this car read like a super sports car. But it’s a jeep. An upper-class SUV, which with its powerful bonnet and 1.75 meters in height is also a visual statement.

The system is designed to remain in low lift mode until the driver needs more power. Only then will the system respond and switch to high lift mode, which sends more air into the cylinder. As a result, the fuel pump workload is less.

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The system is also supported by cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) which helps reduce emissions and cut the output of a pump that is overdrawn. Besides, the Engine Stop-Start (ESS) feature and the smooth 8-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission also contribute to saving the fuel.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee has an interior design that is no less attractive than other jeeps. In addition to looking fierce and dashing on the outside, this car also features a luxurious and classy interior.

The interior layer of the Jeep Grand Cherokee uses leather with the best build quality. This interior certainly makes the driver getting more comfortable even on uneven road conditions.

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The seat arrangement has a load capacity of up to 5 passengers while the seat is upholstered in Nappa leather which has a supple and soft texture and there is a relatively high circulation of air.

The luxurious impression of the jeep’s interior is further enhanced by the presence of a multimedia Blu-ray entertainment system on the back seat.

With a 9-inch wide video screen, this entertainment system will give the passenger the freedom to choose the entertainment mode. Not to mention the presence of premium quality speakers that will provide a wide range of premium audio.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 6

Grand Cherokee is available in 9 different colors – Cashmere Pearl, Deep Cherry Red, Black Forest Green, Billet Silver, Brilliant Black, Granite Crystal, Bright White, Maximum Steel, and True Blue. As for the price, the carmaker tag the product starting at  $34,000.

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