2020 Acura RDX: Polished Power at Every Turn

2020 Acura Rdx 15

Previously, you might not be very familiar with RDX, but through its newest product called Acura RDX 2020, the carmaker is getting well known to the public because of its increasingly visible development. This car gives an athletic impression and is very suitable to hit every terrain.

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The car, known for its vast interior size, is undergoing an update in terms of its athleticism which is increasingly known. In fact, most sports cars have a small size, but it is different with this car. Besides having the impression of a sporty, the 2020 Acura RDX also has a size that is quite large in its class.

For those of you who like crossovers, the Acura RDX can be the right option. This is because Acura uses a turbocharged engine and a sophisticated all-wheel system so that it becomes a luxury sports car that can compete.

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From the previous version, the car removes the beak of the chrome lattice and embeds some of the best technology in its interior. Overall, you can already guess what changes have happened to this latest gen, which is more luxurious, more sporting and has a tough character compared to its predecessor.

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With this car, you can enjoy a more pleasant trip. Most of the surface of the seat is covered with soft materials and looks luxurious, such as soft plastic, classy vinyl, and perforated skin. This combination is able to give a full interior look with luxurious and sporty impression.

2020 Acura Rdx 15

The latest version also introduces Acura’s True Touchpad Interface which is useful for controlling entertainment systems with a 10.2-inch background installed on the center console.

Unfortunately, the technology is less sensitive so it is not able to properly understand what you want. In fact, this sensitivity is important because it will be used all the time, including to interact with Apple CarPlay standards.

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One update that properly done in this version of Acura is TTI which complements the advanced technology of this car. You will also be spoiled with quality audio from the ELS Studio branded system that can be bundled with the A-Spec package.

Whereas seat heaters, head-up screens, vents, and luxury trims are coming on the Advance package full of technology packages.

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The Acura RDX is giving four options for their prospective buyer, the A-SPEC is the second-highest of the four with the next-level style that trims boasts bespoke details and a premium audio system. The company even going bold on the interior and exterior styling giving a distinct, high-performance feel.

2020 Acura Rdx 2

The higher trim coming from the advance package starting at $45,700. On this version, the carmaker takes care of the perfect balance of luxury and comfort. Acura provides heated and ventilated front sport seats and heated rear outboard seats covered in soft and perforated full-grain Milano leather.

2020 Acura Rdx 4

The standard and technology version of the Acura RDX is starting at $37,600 and $40,800 and primarily consist of the core features. While the technology packages centered on intelligent and connectivity.


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