Light Phone 2: A Simple 4G Phone that Actually Respects You

Light Phone 2 2

Light Phone 2 is the only phone that gives you the best things as you need. It is a simple 4G phone with messaging, e-ink, and also other functional tools. Light Phone 2 comes with a white matter E-ink and beautiful black display. With the best technology and design, this phone is more practical, durable, and also reliable to be used.


Light Phone 2 5

This simple phone has a few implemented tools with some physical button. It is very fun to use with its typographic-based interface. The two actual buttons are located on the right side of the phone. It will be easy to dial a phone number, send quick messages, and bring up a speed dial too.



Light Phone 2 2

Light Phone 2 offers some simple features for your daily life. It has an alarm clock, ride sharing partnership, playlist for your favorite music, and also directions that still make you get home even when you get lost.



Light Phone 2 1

The new B&W matte screen in this phone becomes the most notable change in a phone. This screen can be seen very clearly when you bring the phone outdoors. It spends the energy efficiently and the greyscale makes the design looks beautiful.



Light Phone 2 3

Light Phone 2 uses LightOS, a modified OS of Android. This phone dimension is 91mm x 55mmx 6.5-7.5mm for its thickness. It offers GPS, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE connectivity with 1 GB DDR3 RAM or 8 GB eMMC. This phone is made from anodized aluminum with 500 mAh battery and USB-C connector.

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