OXI ONE: The New Wave of Sequencing

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The Oxi One Sequencer from Oxi Instruments has 32 tracks and optics like a controller with 32 tracks and 4 sequencer lines.

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The device is only 2 cm thick and therefore only has mini-jack MIDI. For the nerds, it is announced that an ARM processor is working inside. Astonishing!



The Oxi One offers up to eight-part polyphony per step. The product can be operated by battery and also connects to a state-of-the-art DAW via USB-C and mini-jack MIDI. It also has Bluetooth.

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Unlike the others, the Oxi One even offers real controllers for pitch bend, modulation, and velocity. Also on board is an arpeggiator with 8 operating modes/playback directions. The keyboard allows the now obligatory scaling via colors and thus reaches a note range of 8 octaves.

The analog world is also happy about 8 CV gate pairs on the back and even a CV input. Everything is organized in 15 projects with 16 patterns.

Oxi One 2

The crux of the matter is, unfortunately, once again the maximum length of 128 steps / 8 bars, which still seems to be a bit above the large industry standard of 4 bars. Ableton Link and Bluetooth-MIDI make the device extremely integrable with today’s state-of-the-art technology, without having to do without DAW and software.



An internal LFO can generate modulation data on the Oxi One. The random magic cube can target different areas and also includes the probability of playing a step or not.

But dynamics, triggers, and octaves can also be randomly diced. The modulation does not stop there, because there are humanization attitudes, variations and density attitudes in the random portfolio.

Oxi One 1

Recordings can also be made without quantization, which currently seems to be the latest trend in step sequencers,. The Oxi One tries to do without menus and has its own button for many things.

Price and Availability

The Oxi One first making its debut on Indiegogo and the price for first-time buyers and pre-orderers were plotted at €530. Later and regularly, the sequencer will be marketed starting from € 699. The devices will be ready in November 2021.

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