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Do you know why body posture is so important? Well, besides being able to make you look more confident, good posture can prevent or reduce potential back problems and strengthen your muscles. While poor posture can be a major source of spinal pain and headaches.

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Having a good posture is also important for the basics such as healthy breathing and general mental and physical health. Now with Upright Go 2, you no longer have to worry about having a good posture. This gadget is the shortcut to a simple and effective way to stand tall while maintaining a healthy posture.

Upright Go 2 trains you to sit and stand with good posture after you attach the small device to your upper back. Later the device will vibrate gently every time you bend. By practicing standing upright and good for less than an hour a day, your body, muscles, and mind will get used to sitting and standing upright in about 2 to 3 weeks.

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What’s so cool about this device is that we as users can track progress on iOS and Android applications to see the latest statistics, posture history, and overall usage. Users are also encouraged to develop specialized training programs.


Upright Go 2 can even go on to Tracking Mode in order to record the data without emitting vibrations if you start to feel a little less comfortable feeling the shock of vibration while on bad postures. The company improves a lot more after getting more feedback since releasing the first version of Upright Go.

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The second generation Upright Go has a shrink 50 percent smaller than the previous model but got three times more sensitive. In addition, battery life is increased up to 30 hours of use. The reusable sticker attached to your back has now been enlarged in size.

Upright Go 2 is a very good approach to keep it in place during a long training session. Now, there is no reason for having bad posture because Upright Go 2 is now available through their official website for $99.95.


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