Intel Neural Compute Stick 2: The Next Generation AI Inference Development Kit.

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During the first artificial intelligence developer conference in Beijing, China. Intel had the opportunity to launch a second generation neural network in the form of USB, Intel called it the Neural Compute Stick 2 (NCS2). It is specially Designed to improve the region’s neural net development, and now being sent to the whole world.

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The first generation of Intel Neural Compute Stick triggered the entire AI developer community in the world to act at prices that were not set before. Intel also claims that they are waiting to see what will be produced next by the developer community with the Neural Compute Stick 2 to increase the working power of their computers.

The NCS 2 version has been overhauled by quite improving the performance of Movidius Stick last year. Intel promised the image classification and object detection performance to increase eight times. Increased ability comes from the Myriad X VPU (Vision Processing Unit) which is the basis of this product.

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Now, Intel VPU is able to dedicate hardware neural network interfaces, coupled with more computing cores. The hardware allows developers to switch from prototyping to production, thanks to Intel’s accelerators from concept to real applications.

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The Neural Compute Stick 2 has dimensions of 2.85 x 1.06 x 0.56 in (72.5 x 27 x 14 mm) can be plugged into a laptop via standard USB 3.0 and is compatible with 64-bit operating systems Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows 10. Intel claims that it is compatible with a laptop and Intel NCS 2, developers can run AI applications and computer vision in minutes.

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Network Training Neural is an IoT and network kit that does not require additional hardware, so AI algorithms and computer vision systems for smart devices, such as drones, robots, and what can be created and used locally, without requiring developers to access the cloud.

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This tool also supports OpenVINO developer tools for greater flexibility of prototyping, and prototypes can be channeled to more form factors thanks to Intel-based AI which is a production ecosystem. Intel has put the price tag of $99 for their Second Neural Compute Stick.

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

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Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 2

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