Wellcam™: The Smart Video Solution for Independent Living

Wellcam™ 8

Alarm.com has just launched Wellcam, a smart home camera designed to give users more coverage on the security of their home. Equipped with two-way communication and motion sensors, Wellcam can be easily integrated with home security systems and smartphone applications.

Wellcam™ 9

The existence of Wellcam at home will provide a sense of security and comfort because every occupant of the elderly and children can be monitored at all times. In addition, the advanced camera is also a fun tool to greet them from afar.

Wellcam™ 11

The call button at Wellcam is easily connected to the Alarm.com application so there is no need to call with a number. The sound and speakers of this smart camera are guaranteed to have clear quality so that communication can run smoothly.

Wellcam™ 10

The 180-degree camera embedded at Wellcam has a resolution of 1080p and zooms up to 6 megapixels. The camera is able to reach a large enough area such as a kitchen or family room with high definition.

But if the user wants to monitor a more specific area such as their front yard, this camera is able to give a warning in the form of videos when there are important notice.

Wellcam™ 8

Not stopping at that, Wellcam can also help residents prevent an accident before it becomes a disaster. Because this camera functions as a sensor for the platform of the smart home Alarm.com system, which intelligently analyzes each pattern and warning when any changes occur drastically.

“Our Wellness technology empowers smarter, safer independent living with a 24/7 safety net of proactive safeguards for your loved one, including new Wellness Insights enhancements that use predictive analytics to monitor quality of life, learn activity patterns and quickly detect changes in routines.” – Alarm.com

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