HP Omen X 2S: World’s first dual-screen gaming laptop

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As the increasing competition in the market of gaming laptops, manufacturers are now competing to provide products that not only just match the needs of the gamers but can also embrace consumers outside the segment.

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The slight negative impact is that there are a decreasing amount of experiments in shape or specs such as those that occurred several years ago. The safety net of steady sales with updated specs is the marketing goals of almost all gaming laptops manufacturer. The majority of these manufacturers are now focusing on aspects of portability and performance.

Well, the norm is broken as there is an interesting surprise from Hewlett-Packard. Amid the HP Gaming Festival in Beijing, the USA-based PC company introduced the Omen X 2S, the first gaming notebook specialist to put on two display.

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In its closed state, the HP Omen X 2S might look like a minimalist gaming laptop in general. The body part was dominated by black, while HP also did not forget to put on a typical VoodooPC logo on its back. In all honesty, you can’t see the wonder of this laptop while it is on this state.

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Well, get ready to WOW once you lift the screen. The keyboard of this laptops is positioned jutting forward while the touchpad is placed in the right corner to make space for the second display near the hinge.

Omen X 2S is a 15.6-inch sail notebook that is framed by a thin micro-edge bezel. HP provides a choice of 1080p variants with an option of 144Hz or 240Hz refresh rate, as well as a 4K 60Hz version.

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The panel is a type of LED backlight touch screen, has an area of ​​6-inches and FHD resolution, which can help gamers in a number of usage scenarios.

With it, you can listen to or watch walkthrough video and practice it directly, or you can use it to set up Spotify while accompanying your gaming times or to monitor Twitch or Discord chat updates. Everything can be done without the need to press the Alt +Tab keys.

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The secondary screen on the Omen X 2S also features a real-time screen-mirroring feature that can display certain parts of the game, such as maps while enjoying racing games. The usage of the secondary screen on this laptop is limited to the user’s creativity and in-need situation.

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For a device specifically built for gamers, HP Omen X 2S’s hardware arrangement is superbly crafted. The HP Omen X 2S is armed with the ninth generation Intel Core processors up to the i9 9880H and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q or 2080 Max-Q graphics cards.

It is also equipped with DDR4-3200 RAM up to 64GB and various types of storage configurations such as Intel Optane and SSD M .2 NVMe.

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The Omen X 2S is planned to be marketed later this summer through the official site and official store. We all should realize by now that the unique design of the laptop does have an impact on the price. The most basic variant of the Omen X 2S is priced at $2,100. Interested?

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