TRX-4 All-Terrain Traxx: Rocks, Mud, Sand, Snow…Bring It On!

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Traxxas has just announced the new TRX-4 All-Terrain Traxx. The All-Terrain Traxx gives the most noteworthy footing overhaul you can make to the TRX-4. The TRX-4 as of now has a go-anyplace demeanor and the rigging to coordinate, however introducing this adds on will yield a machine that feels for all intents and purposes any territory.

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The gigantic contract fix and grippy tracks disregard the most profound mud and buoy crosswise over profound sand. Traxx raises the gateway axles of TRX-4 All-Terrain Traxx to get much higher for expanded ground leeway that gives you a chance to straddle immense obstructions on the trail.

Trx 4 All Terrain Traxx 2Each Traxx drive unit is designed for rough, yet smooth execution. A flexible strain wheel keeps the tracks tight while suspended street wheels enable the track to fit in with surface inconsistencies for greatest footing.

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Oil-filled dampers on each drive unit control the rotational movement to help keep the track stuck to the surface. The back Traxx drive units are getting longer to permit the climbing capability to handle more extreme elevation with power.

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Traxx drastically increases both the approach and departure angles of the TRX-4. On the TRX-4 Sport, Traxx offers a full 18° higher approach angle and a 28° higher departure angle. This additional clearance allows you to tackle much steeper obstacles without snagging the bumper.

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In contrast to tires with froth embeds, Traxx won’t ingest water regardless of how wet they get. Solidified steel stub axles, elastic fixed metal rollers for the primary drive wheels, and self-greasing up metal bushings wherever else give joyful all-climate fun. The best part is that they come pre-amassed and mount to any TRX-4 in not more than minutes.

The price tag for the all-terrain super capable add on is around $229.99 which is a bargain considering all the features it got.

  • Virtually unstoppable traction on practically any terrain including mud, sand, and even snow
  • Fully-assembled for installation in just minutes
  • Oil-filled coil-over dampers to control rotational movement
  • Suspended road wheels allow treads to conform to irregular surfaces
  • Specially designed one-piece rubber treads resist de-tracking
  • Drastically improves ground clearance and approach angles
  • Designed for all-weather fun
  • Sealed bearings on drive wheels
  • Low-maintenance self-lubricating bushings on guide wheels
  • Longer rear Traxx drive units for steep climbing stability
  • Re-usable molded foam storage box
  • Sold as a set of four
  • Fits all TRX-4 models



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