Lofree Digit Calculator: The 1st Retro Mechanical Calculator

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Reminiscent of those less complex time where calculators are basics need, we utilize them only for about all over in our life, from home, school, and work. Lofree feel the needs to take you back to the time where this number cruncher is an imperative instrument, before the era of cell phones comes.

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Lofree Digit is a retro style mechanical “mini-computer” with fresher look and feel. You would love that mechanical switches, they offer material impact alongside responsive composing scheme to build your efficiency.


Bring Back Memories and More…

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Contingent on shading (you can choose between white, red-orange, and light sea green/blue) the Digit speaks to a stylish combination of Dieter Rams’ famous 1987-period outlined Braun ET66 calculator.

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The Digit Number Pad is designed to operate as a stand-alone calculator like its Braun predecessor, but unlike any 80s-era calculation device, this one also features Bluetooth connectivity allowing it to work in coordination with any modern computer or smartphone.


It’s More Than Just A Product

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The retro concept isn’t simply just a tasteful. The Digit Number Pad is intended to convey a sound-related and material mechanical experience, with old-fashioned layer switches underneath every numeral in lieu contact composing in the cutting edge age. While using this the user can feel the press of each sizable key which conveys a delightful sound and feels while also supporting in quicker and more precise composing.

Lofree Digit Calculator 3

Lofree Digit offers you help to figure all your fundamental counts, that energetic and present-day configuration looks great in any setting. Design with uncommon round keycaps, they are ideal for your fingertips.

Lofree Digit Calculator 2

This calculator still carries the same Lofree’s signature style, which is a retro design inspired by the 1960’s. The 6-degree tilted screen has been optimized for better visual clarity and stability. It’s everything you need!

Throwback Feels

Lofree Digit Calculator 1

Lofree Digit Calculator currently available on their Kickstarter Page on the early bird option which gonna cost you 29$. It’s a memorabilia from the analog era and if you kinda want to have that throwback feel while working those numbers, this product is a must-have item on your desk.

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