MC462 Amplifier: The Best Way to Experience World-Class Audio Stereo System at Home

MC462 Amplifier 6

MC462 Amplifier comes to replace MC452 as the most powerful stereo amplifier. The new MC462 has a strong robust output, 450 Watts per channel. This amplifies also has new updates with exclusive McIntosh technologies. It will be perfect for you who love to listen to your favorite music every day. The experience of a world-class audio stereo system at home.


MC462 Amplifier 2

MC462 Amplifier 5

This amplifier is not only designed with strong output but also filter capacity that can increase nearly 50%. This filter will make 66% increase in the dynamic headroom. You can easily get the best sound ever for your favorite music without any distortion. McIntosh technology is used with some key modern enhancements.



MC462 Amplifier 10

The full package of McIntosh technologies makes this amplifier will give you some best advantages. The input signal is monitored and adjusted faster with Power Guard® , it can prevent the speaker from damaging and harsh sounding.

MC462 Amplifier 9

The fuse-less short-circuit protection comes from Sentry Monitor™. It will make the operating levels become safe and it can reset automatically when the operating conditions are normal. The Quad Balanced will cancel all distortion and noise.

MC462 Amplifier 1

The Poer Control will send power off or on signals to the McIntosh components like media streamers, tuners, turntables, and CD players. It will make the shutdown and power up system feel easier for you to use it every day.

MC462 Amplifier 6

The Solid Cinch™ speaker is easy and also safe to prevent the cable installation lose or making a short. It is also made from gold-plated, preventing corrosion and ensuring the signal quality which is sent to the speaker cables in your home.



MC462 Amplifier 8

Each output for the channel is 450 Watts @ 8, 4, or 2 Ohms. The dynamic headroom is about 3.0dB with 122dB for the S/N below rated output. The rated power band is from 20Hz to 20 kHz. The damping factor is more than 40 wideband.

MC462 Amplifier 7

MC462 comes with remote control power. The circuit configuration of this amplifier is quad balance with the solid state for its design. The chassis style is made from black painted steel and polished stainless steel. The front panel design consists of glass with handles.



MC462 Amplifier 4

MC462 Amplifier 3

As an amplifier, the MC462 design is so stylish. It fits well to be placed on your table or cabinet. The smooth design comes from its material, makes your room looks elegant. You can also use it to decor your home, not only just an amplifier.

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