Meet The New Surface Laptop 2: Go Beyond The Traditional

Surface Laptop 2 3

Modern Era is still hard-on developing with new technology releases almost every month. Microsoft is one of the world-famous company realizes that technology is really important for people. They tried to help all of the people with their technology.

Surface Laptop 2 3

Microsoft is trying to keep up the market and later released a new slim laptop. This slim and powerful machine is the finest Windows laptop from Microsoft. Surface Laptop 2 is Microsoft’s ultimate vision with sophisticated features.


It’s Sleek, Simple – It’s Microsoft

Surface Laptop 2 7

The new Surface Laptop 2 is a sleek, simple and fascinating laptop from Microsoft. The look and feel about this laptop really suited to a modern era. From the shell of the laptop, there is a smooth aluminum with rounded corners. Polished Microsoft logo inlaid the center of the top frame which completes a huge step in the design.

Surface Laptop 2 4

In the keyboard, it covered with color-matched Alcantara. The deck has a fabric texture which very smooth and warmer. Better than metal or plastic. It really contrasts with aluminum lid. But it really suited and different from the previous product released by the company.

Surface Laptop 2 6

The trackpad’s super smoothed. It sits in the middle below the keyboard. This trackpad has excellent feel. The keyboard and the trackpad are quieter than any other laptop. So you will not be bothered by the sound.

Surface Laptop 2 1

Surface Laptop 2 has 13.5in high-resolution touchscreen in the monitor. This screen as gorgeous as last year’s product. Microsoft also put the Windows Hello face recognition for their user which is a really joys feature when you open it.


The New Update, The Good Microsoft

Surface Laptop 2 5

Microsoft made an update to Surface Laptop 2. They put a new Intel’s latest 8th generation Core while also releasing the Intel Core i5 and i7 processors too. These processors are more powerful and faster than quad-core or dual-core and of course, more efficient.

Surface Laptop 2 2

Surface Laptop 2 has a memory 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. This laptop provides the 1080p displays connected to Surface Dock. This memory and processors will help users to run 30 tabs and more in Chrome or any software on same time.

There is also a cooling system which is quieter than the previous design.  On the battery life, Microsoft has a golden touch, the battery for New Surface Laptop 2 can last around 10 hours of working time. Ultimately, the Surface Laptop 2 really is the help that the people need to balance their work and relaxing time.

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